NZ Copper Press Swivel Nut Elbow GAS

NZ Copper Press Swivel Nut Elbow GAS


Diameter 1:
Diameter 2:
Diameter 3:
Offset distance:


  • Quick & Easy to install
  • Environmentally friendly when installing
  • Consistency
  • Flame-free
  • Built to perform
  • East to use tooling

Spartan NZ Copper Press fittings are suitable to be used on Hard Drawn, Hard Drawn BQ and Annealed copper tube that complies with NZS 3501. Soldering and brazing is not required which eliminates the need for a Hot Works permit.

Spartan NZ Copper Press fittings work with REMS, Kempress, Viega, Rothenberger, Novopress and B-press tooling provided NZ sizing 'V' profile jaw is used.

'V' profile fittings and packaging are colour coded to ensure that installers are using the correct fitting for the correct application. Fittings allow for cylindrical pipe insertion to avoid damaging the O-rings during installation.


Spartan NZ Copper Press fittings are the most preferred profile in the market place. The fitting is double pressed it gives installers confidence that the connection will be long lasting as the installer can see that the fitting is pressed both in front and behind the O-rings. The cylindrical pipe insertion when using 'V' profile fittings gives installers the peace of mind that there won't be any damage to the O ring seal.

Warranty: 25 Years

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