For over 30 years, Aqualine Trading has maintained its position as the market leader in the New Zealand plumbing industry.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our dedication to providing innovative solutions to the wholesale plumbing industry. Through carefully developing, importing, assembling, and manufacturing only the highest quality products,
we continue to serve our partners and customers with distinction.


Aqualine only stocks items
we guarantee you can rely on.

Aqualine is a leading provider of plumbing, gas fitting, backflow, and drainage solutions in New Zealand. We import and distribute Forza piping systems, RELN Surfacewater Systems, Aymroo, and Apollo Backflow and offer an extensive range of products that meet the highest standards. Our line of Aqualine traps is 100% New Zealand-made and embodies our commitment to quality.


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Quality Products.

Aqualine forges strong partnerships with quality brands for an unmatched range of superior products.

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Installation Training.

Aqualine elevates customer knowledge and expertise with our comprehensive training programs across our entire range of products.

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Install and forget. Aqualine won’t fail you.


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As one of New Zealand’s largest wholesalers of plumbing supplies, Aqualine has a long and proud history built on the back of 80+ years experience. Established in the 1940s, we are now regarded as a market leader in plumbing supplies and associated products.

Since then Aqualine has continued to grow into one of the leading plumbing suppliers and wholesalers. In addition to plumbing supplies, we have a vast range of products, including gas and drainage supplies.

We take pride in manufacturing products using premium grade, quality materials and supply a range of plumbing, drainage, gasfitting and roofing. We partner with market leading companies to distribute market leading brands, and take great pride in our long term relationships with partners and customers.

Aqualine values our clients, and offers exceptional customer service. We provide technical advice, guidance, specifications, and installation support for every product that we manufacture and distribute. We strive to establish ourselves as the leading plumbing supplier across the Australian and New Zealand markets.