What is Radiator Central Heating?

A central boiler running on natural gas or LPG, heats water; this then circulates through a network of pipes to a series of radiator panels. The hot water heats those radiator panels before returning to the boiler to be reheated and re-circulated. The radiators heat quickly to provide radiated and convected heat. This results in a clean, silent, draught free and very comfortable form of whole house heating. 

Why choose radiator (whole house) central heating?

Comfortable & healthy - gentle ambient heat

Radiant heating is widely accepted as the most comfortable form of heating. Naturally silent it delivers consistent warmth, and as it doesn’t rely on forced air, it provides a gentle ambient form of heat for the whole house. *

Controllable – heat where and when you need it

Compared to alternative single-source heating options that may only heat one room (often over heating), Radiator Central Heating is highly efficient and able to heat your whole house. A fully programmable thermostatically controlled Radiator Central Heating systems gives you the flexibility to heat the whole house, or heat different rooms, to different temperatures, at different times of the day.

Efficient – delivers high efficiency at all times

The high efficiency ratings of the Immergas range of boilers (up to 98%) means Radiator Central Heating is one of the most efficient ways to hear your home. Water transfers heat at a much higher rate than air, so radiators can heat a room in a matter of minutes. Most importantly, performance is maintained irrespective of the temperature outside, unlike some alternatives.

*forced air can circulate allergies and dust