AVG Changes

From Friday 29 June 2018, the AVG range of Heating Control Valves will be represented by MM Kembla NZ as the New Zealand Agent. 

Supply, warranties, technical support and customer service for AVG products will transfer to MM Kembla NZ as of this date.

Aqualine would like to take the opportunity to thank AVG for the support and opportunity to represent the brand in New Zealand over recent years.


  1. I’ve got an issue with an AVG product, who should I contact?
    As per the current arrangement your first point of call should be the merchant that you purchased it from.
  1. What happens to the warranty on AVG products that Aqualine supplied.
    As of the 29th June 2018 the warranty for all AVG products passes to MM Kembla NZ.
  1. I need a spare part for my AVG product, where can I get one now?
    Contact your local plumbing merchant if you need to order a part they will be able to assist you.